About the Commonwealth Bank (Group)

The Commonwealth Bank (Group) is Australia’s leading financial institution. It commenced operations in 1912 and since then it has been providing banking, investment, insurance, brokerage and other financial services to more than 10 million customers in Australia and around the world.

The Group is also growing internationally with investments and operations in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Europe, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

For more information, please visit the Australian Group website at www.commbank.com.au

About ASB Bank (New Zealand)

ASB has been a part of the Commonwealth Bank (Group) for 20 years. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia acquired 75 per cent of ASB shares in 1989 and then the remaining 25 percent in 2000. Today, ASB is one of New Zealand’s leading banks with around 135 branches across New Zealand.

For more information, please visit ASB’s website at www.asb.co.nz

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