ATM Card

Easy access, with an ATM Card

For quick, safe and easy access to your money, consider linking an ATM Card to your Flexi Access or Premium Business Account.

An ATM Card gives you the flexibility to access your money at any time of the day or night, at hundreds of ATMs across Vietnam, in Australia and around the world.

To link an ATM Card to one of your Commonwealth Bank accounts find out how to apply, then call or visit our branch today.

With an ATM Card you can:

• Withdraw Vietnamese Dong through Commonwealth Bank ATMs and ATMs that connect with Maestro and Cirrus network in Vietnam

• Withdraw Australian dollars at more than 4,200 Commonwealth Bank ATMs in Australia – the largest ATM network

• Withdraw local currency in most countries through the Cirrus network worldwide

• Transfer money between your Commonwealth Bank accounts.

An ATM Cards can also be used to access:

• A balance enquiry on your account

• A list of the five most recent transactions on your account (within the same month)

• Information on current foreign exchange rates and interest rates.

Find out how to apply