FAQs for Security


1. What does the Bank do to make myAccess safe?

256-bit SSL encryption, digital certificates, two-factor authentication, automatic timeout, lockout, time of last login. Besides, Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Ho Chi Minh City Branch (hereafter called “the Bank”) uses and implements the sophisticated anti-virus system to protect virus attack to the Bank’s data and system.

2. Is myAccess Internet Banking compatible to all browsers?

Due to the variety of internet browsers that are available, the Bank provides a web site that can have best fit for user with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or higher. The Banks apologizes for this inconvenience.

3. How can I check if my browser uses 256-bit encryption?

Check that there is a lock / key sign besides the address bar of your browser which indicates your current session is encrypted using SSL. If you do not see the lock / key sign, please logout, close your browser and login again.

4. Can I access myAccess if my browser does not support 256-bit SSL encryption?

We are sorry that you cannot access to myAccess if your browser does not support 256-bit SSL encryption. Please update your existing browser or install another browser that supports 256-bit SSL encryption

5. What should I do if I receive an email from a Bank’s personnel who requires me to provide personal or confidential account information?

The Bank never sends or requests any personal or confidential information via email. Do not send any sensitive or confidential account information such as (but not limited to) your PIN for myAccess token or UserID via email.

6. What should I do if I have enquiries regarding myAccess security?

Contact the Bank’s Customer Service Representatives if you have difficulties, complaint, or need assistance related with myAccess security.

7. What is the myAccess Security Device?

The myAccess Security Device (myAccess token) is a digital code generator based on DIGIPASS 250 technology provided to Internet Banking customers. The DIGIPASS® 250 solution is based on strong two-factor authentication. To gain access to applications and services you must:

a) remember a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and
b) possess a hand-held DIGIPASS 250 (myAccess token).

The PIN code is entered into the myAccess token which then calculates a dynamic password. This one-time password enables authorized access into the network.

8. Why do I need a Security Device?

Making internet transactions safe for customers is the top priority of the Bank. Hence, we provide you with a Security Device which help protect you from internet risks while using myAccess Internet Banking.

9. When do I use a Security Device?

You are required to use your Security Device when logging on, or making transactions/ in your myAccess Internet Banking.

10. What do I need for logging on my Internet Banking account?

In order to access your myAccess Internet Banking account, you would need the following ready:

a) your User ID number for your myAccess account.
b) your PIN to access your myAccess token.
c) your myAccess token.

The above information and device are provided by the Bank when you apply for myAccess Internet Banking account.

11. How do I login my Internet Banking account?


Step 1: On the Commonwealth Bank website www.commbank.com.vn, select button myAccess on the top right of screen to log-in. There would be language options (English and Vietnamese) for your most convenience.
Step 2: Input User ID number provided in subscription letter already sent to you
Step 3: Press Red button to turn the Token on
Step 4: Input correct PIN with 6 digits (your own PIN)
If you are first time in use, please enter default PIN with 8 digits (12345678) to activate the Token and reset PIN of your choice
Step 5: After entering the PIN, “APPL I” - screen appears -> Press button “1”
Note: “1” use for getting the “myAccess Response” code
Step 6: Step 6: Input number on token screen to “myAccess Reponse” field.

12. How do I confirm my remittance transaction?

Step 1: Press Red button to turn on the Token
Step 2: Input correct PIN with 6 digits
Step 3:“APPL I” screen appears -> Press button “2”
Note: “2” use for getting the Digipass code when you release transaction on internet banking.
Step 4: Input Challenge code with 6 digits appeared on myAccess screen to the Token.
Note: This number is automatically generated by Internet banking (system)
Step 5: Input number on Token screen to the Digipass code field at the confirmation page to release your transaction.